Your Child’s First Dental Visit

  • We will be examining your infant’s teeth and gums in your lap where he can see you.
  • You will learn simple and effective ways to cleanse your infant’s mouth and teeth.
  • The role of diet and nutrition in relation to cavities will be discussed.
  • Feeding and oral habits and how they may affect your infant’s teeth will also be covered.
  • Working as a team early on in your child’s life will help him/her be cavity free.
  • Establish a “Dental Home” for your child.

At any age the first visit can often produce anxiety for a child and/or the parent(s). Unlike in many practices, parents are allowed to accompany their child into the treatment area. Initially, it is not unusual for children to not

cooperate, and crying and refusal to sit in the dental chair is common especially in young children.

Please don’t be surprised or embarrassed if this should occur. Allow us some time to “win” your child over. Children take great pride in overcoming their fears and once they are done with their anxiety, they leave feeling very good about themselves and what they have accomplished. We see this everyday!

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